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Part 24 John’s POV:

He tries to catch his breath, gasping for more air, more oxygen. His eyes are teary, and he is not fully conscious of what he is doing, as he trails his fingertips over Paul’s wrist, his lower arm, where he senses a strong pulsing movement take place under the skin.

It’s the poison, he realizes at once.

No, no, no, he does not want to do this, he CANNOT do this - HOW would he even be…?

Eyes and nose are running uncontrollably, and all John sees is a colorful blur behind the tears, as he repeats his apologies to Paul - I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry --

He tries to resist the final decision; the point where he knows he cannot go back and undo it.

What if this is not what is meant by the heart and th-- No.

This IS it.

John just knows.

This is the lesson, the creatures behind this has been trying to teach him.

About taking the risk.

It does not matter if John thinks that it does not prove a point at all.

The extreme circumstances do not matter.

Everything is boiled down to Paul’s trembling body that is going to be eaten up from the inside if he does not do anything.

His hands are shaking, as they lightly stroke the sweat-soaked fabric of Paul’s shirt.

A shutter makes the shoulder blades spike up, making John whisper “calm down, no, don’t be scared of me, it is just me, it is just me…”

That mantra stays with him, as he strokes as gently as he can, up and down, up and down Paul’s back.

It is then that he realizes the cut that has been made in Paul’s trousers. Neatly, discreetly around his buttocks.

John’s lips are trembling, as if he wants to say something without knowing exactly what it is.

He reaches for a piece of the broken mirror - the room is spinning around as he bends down and grabs it, squeezes it until the blood is running from his palm and down over his wrist and arm.

This is about taking the risk.

The risk of letting Paul finally know.

He better make it fucking count.
SAW you lying there J/P part 24
Yeah, it's getting near the end, but I haven't finished the last part yet (there are more than one part left though) -- 
In the Doorway Johnlock page 3/3 by rockallday
In the Doorway Johnlock page 3/3
Last page -- in the end John can't keep it cool and a tear escapes his eye in the last panel (if you were wondering, what that stripe from his eye is hehe >U< ) -- Wheew, this took some time to make! I really wanted to finish it up, so the editing might have suffered a bit from my impatience, but I hope it's allright <3 --
In the Doorway Johnlock page 2/3 by rockallday
In the Doorway Johnlock page 2/3
This is page 2 of 3 of my VERY short Johnlock comic where John is upset with Sherlock risking his life for John's sake -- (Come on John, you know Sherlock can see those tears at the corner of your eyes -- <3 )
In the Doorway Johnlock page 1/3 by rockallday
In the Doorway Johnlock page 1/3
I started working on this a loooong time ago, but school and moving out and other things have been in the way, and now it's finally finished! ^U^ -- Sherlock has risked his life for John in the middle of one of a case, and that pisses John off, as they're stadnding in a doorway in their home and discussing .. (Maybe John is a little more than mad, he is quite upset about Sherlock putting himself in danger in order to safe John's life  -- to the point where John is close to tears..) There are two more pages in this (VERY) short comic :-)




No journal entries yet.

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KidfromKzoo Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi! I saw your comments and questions on one of Naturalshock's recent drawings. If you'd like to see more White on Black artwork look at my Favourites Folder. Regarding erasing mistakes: I use a kneaded erasure pressed against the area to be erased - press and lift, press and lift, over and over. With a white PrismaColor pencil this can take up to 15-20 minutes before all traces of the pencil are gone. White chalk pencil can be lifted much quicker. Any rubbing will damage the paper. Hope this helps.
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